2024 Spring baseball (April - June) Registration opens Nov 25. Registration closes March 31.
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Junior & Senior Divisions dependent on registration numbers. Minimum number of players to field an official team is 10.

Depending on Senior Division registration numbers, APLL may play with a combined Seniors-Juniors team and play in the Junior Division. Little League rules allow for 15 year-olds (Seniors) to play with the 13-14 year-old Junior team but not allowed to pitch.

Because of shortages of volunteer umpires, registration fees at Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisions are higher due to the need to contract with paid umpire crews to cover games.


Alexandria Potomac Little League Divisions
: Spring registration opens Nov 25 and closes March 01                           
Tee-Ball coed ages 4 - 6, $145      
Coach Pitch coed ages 6 - 8, $155     
Minors Baseball coed ages 8 - 11,  $155      
Majors Baseball coed ages 10 - 12, $155    
Intermediate Baseball coed ages 12 - 13, $190    
Junior Baseball coed ages 13 - 14, $190 
Senior Baseball coed ages 14-16, $190 

For new registrations, click the "Register" button at the top right portion of the screen. 

For returning players or to complete a partial registration, click the "Login" button.  If you are registering a returning player and have forgotten your username and password, please click the "Login" button and the "Forgot username or password" link.
APLL is a community activity for 200+ girls and boys and is run by parent volunteers. All managers, coaches and umpires are UNPAID volunteers, as are the members of the APLL Board of Directors. We are proud of our volunteers because service to community is an important example for our players, and this is why we automatically include in our default program prices a $25 discount to parents who select a volunteer role during registration. We are an inclusive league with an inclusive Board and we would welcome your input and participation. Some of us had little experience in baseball or in volunteer organizations prior to APLL, and have found it to be a wonderful community.  If you are unable to contribute your time and do not select a volunteer role during registration, you will be assessed a $25 non-volunteer fee per child to support our programs.


Note: All dates are tentative and some dates are weather-dependent

Nov 25 - Registration Opens.        
March 01 - Registration Closes. Late Registration Opens Late Fee $50
March 09 & 16 - Assessments at Bucknell Elementary School (9am - noon) for Coach Pitch, Minor Player-Pitch, and Major Divisions. Players need only attend 1 of the two days.
Week of March 18 - Team Formation and Minors and Majors Division draft. Coaches will contact you during this week
Week of March 25 - Practices begin (weather permitting)
Week of March 25 - FCPS Spring Break
Week of April 01 - Catholic and private school Spring Break
April 13 - Opening Day and Division play begins
April 20 - APLL Day, Team Pictures
May 25-27 - Memorial Day Weekend
June 08 - Closing Day
Week of June 10 - District 9 Tournament games begin

* updated 10-19-2023


What "Little League Age" is my child?  Your child's league age is the age they will be on August 31, 2024. 

https://www.littleleague.org/play-little-league/determine-league-age/ A player can play in APLL above his/her age level (if assessments confirm skills) but would require a special waiver to play below his/her age level, even if new to the game.

Where are games played?
Depending on level, and on availability allocated by Fairfax County Parks and Schools, games and practices take place at the baseball diamonds at Bryant Alternative High School, Bucknell Elementary School, Bucknell Manor Park, Belle View Elementary School, Groveton Heights Park (tee-ball only), and at our interleague partners' (Woodlawn Little League McNaughton Fields Memorial Park @ 5320 Pole Rd. Alexandria, VA 22309 and Fort Belvoir Little League) fields.

When are games played?  Coach Pitch/Minors/Majors/Junior levels have 2games per week and at least 1 practice per week.  Precise schedules are based on coaches' preferences and availability.  Expect practice time to increase with player age. Tee-ball teams have one practice and one game per week, all games are played on Saturday mornings at Groveton Heights Park. Precise schedules are based on coaches' preferences and availability. 

What equipment is needed?
  Tee-ball and up, every player needs only their own glove, but for hygiene's sake, we encourage the purchase of personal helmets rather than relying on the limited number of shared helmets provided to each team. Most players prefer to wear cleats and many bring their own bats as well (be sure to use a bat stamped USA Baseball). Game hats, jerseys, pants, belts and socks are included as uniforms, as part of the fee. Players should wear sweatpants or other long pants to practices, not shorts.

What are assessments? Assessments are not tryouts - all registrants will play in APLL.  Assessments in February are for coach pitch and minors players, to inform level recommendations and help guide team selection, which is intended to create parity within levels.

I think I live outside APLL's boundaries. How do I know and what happens if I do?  We are happy to welcome your family to APLL and t-ball and coach-pitch levels (because these programs are not offered at all local leagues) are open to you regardless of residency. If you are unsure and are seeking the closest league to your home or your player would be at coach pitch level or above, to verify eligibility based on residency, enter your address in this Little League tool. If you are indeed outside our area but have reason to strongly prefer APLL to your local league, you may be able to apply for a waiver at that league.  If you played in APLL last year and have moved outside the boundaries, you also may still be eligible to play in APLL. We will need to process a Little League waiver from with supporting documentation. You will need to bring, to registration, copies of 2 proof-of-residence documents (as defined above) and complete a waiver form at registration listing your old address within our boundaries and your new address. Contact us at [email protected] if you need guidance.

Are scholarships available? Yes, see below for forms, which are required. 

Registration fee scholarships are available to help eligible youth participate in Fairfax County sports programs like APLL.  To apply for a registration fee scholarship, please download the Scholarship Form and email the completed form to [email protected].

Note: Please provide documentation noted on the Scholarship Form or have a school counselor fill out the information located at the bottom of the form.


APLL has different levels of play for players that are league age 4 - 16 years old and live inside the Alexandria Potomac Little League boundaries. 

All parent(s)/guardians registering players, including those that played in APLL last year, must provide 2 proofs of residence documentation.

  • All parent(s)/guardians registering players that did NOT play in APLL in the previous Spring season, must provide proof of birth documentation. Proof of birth documentation include an original or notarized birth certificate or Military ID. Photocopied records and passports are NOT acceptable. Click for Official Little League Proof of Age Requirements. https://www.littleleague.org/play-little-league/determine-league-age/
  • Proof of residence documentation are driver's license; voter registration; school records; welfare records; Federal, state and local records; utility bills or; support payment records. Click for Official Little League Residence Requirements.

  • All parents will be required to provide medical information on the Little League Medical Release form. Please bring info on your player including physician name, insurance information, emergency contact, and date of last Tetanus Toxoid Booster.
  • When registering through the mail in registration option, only checks or money orders are accepted ; no cash will be accepted. The check should be made payable to Alexandria Potomac Little League.

  • Little League Incorporated and Alexandria Potomac Little League must adhere to strict rules regarding residence.  To find out if you live within the boundaries of Alexandria Potomac Little League, you can click here to see what is your home little league you are in.

Please click here to see your player's league age: https://www.littleleague.org/play-little-league/determine-league-age/

MORE ON RESIDENCY: Little League recently amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries where they attend school is located. To verify enrollment, parents will need to bring an official school document, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school for the current academic year, dated before October 1, 2022.  If you prefer not to provide a school performance record or school registration record in order to enroll in a league for participation you can click to link to the Little League Enrollment Form.

For children registering to play at the Tee-Ball level that are not enrolled in a school - we will register you but you will need to provide this information when you begin to attend a school.

Note: If you played in APLL last year and have moved outside the boundaries, you are still be eligible to play in APLL. We will need to process a Little League Regulation II(d) waiver form with supporting documentation. You will need to bring, to registration, copies of 2 proof-of-residence documents (as defined above) and complete a waiver form at registration listing your old address within our boundaries and your new address

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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