Little League Videos: Basics
For anyone new to baseball, these one-minute videos provide entry-level introduction to the very fundamentals of the game: throwing, catching, hitting, and running the bases.

Little League Back Yard Tips

Here, Little League shares "backyard tips," drills and activities you can play with your ball player to help them basic fundamentals in an easy no pressure setting.

Little League Videos: Drills for All Ages
For parents and coaches, these videos provide fun and effective practice drills to improve your ball player. From Tee-Ball to Senior Division base-stealing, these drills and contests will make your ball player want to practice!

Positive Coaching Alliance: How to Handle Mistakes
For athletes, developing a positive and constructive approach to making mistakes is one of the defining attributes that separate those that excel from those that do not. This PCA blog post & videos explores two distinct tools for handling and overcoming mistakes.

Positive Coaching Alliance: 10 Tips for First-Time Sports Parents
As rewarding as sports parenting can be, it's not easy. Winning and losing and performing well and not-so-well are challenges your children will face in youth sports. Among the topics covered in these 10 tips: Keeping your eye on the "Big Picture;" What to say (and not say) after the game; and Guidelines for sideline behavior.

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