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Finding umpires for our Little League games is an on-going challenge. All of us have probably been to a game where a parent had to be asked to come out of the stands to umpire. And, no doubt, someone probably said, “That guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. I could do better!” 

We’d like to give you that chance. We are looking for volunteers (both Dads and Moms) who are willing to learn how to umpire. If you have a basic understanding of the game of baseball, you can be a good umpire. We’ll teach you the lesser-known rules and show you the basic mechanics of how to umpire (e.g., where to stand, where to move when a play happens, how to keep the game on track). If you’ll give us three hours to train you, we’ll give you the basic skills you need to do a good job as an umpire. After that, you pick the games you want to work (we have an on-line sign-up tool that is easy to use).

Please consider volunteering to support our league. There is always a critical shortage of Little League umpires, not just in our league but also in the leagues with which we partner.  You can make a big difference in the game experience for the kids – as having a trained ump in the game helps the kids learn the rules, keeps the game fair, and gives it a true “game day” atmosphere. And I can say from personal experience, it is a lot of fun to be out on the field with the kids.  It’s the best seat in the house!

If you would like to be a league umpire or have questions about becoming an umpire, please drop us a note at apllbaseball@gmail. 

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